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Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

How we steward our money can have an impact on future generations.

In scripture we are encouraged to be faithful with our time, talent and treasure. The question that we all have cause to ask is: how do we steward our money and resources in the best way possible? Does it mean tithing a set percentage, or could there be more to it?

In Genesis 14 we have the first introduction to the concept of tithing, and this concept set the pattern for Christian giving that is still used by many today. Abraham learned that giving had a lasting impact on future generations, the blessing of God was not just for him but to all who came after him too. As we consider our own giving and the legacy we are leaving behind, perhaps the question should be How can we be faithful with it all?’, not just our tithe, but all our resources. Is there a way we can raise the bar on stewarding our time, treasure and talent so the blessing will be on our future generations?

Watch: Abraham and Melchizedek - Royal Priest
Credit: BibleProject

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